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IMAN take part in 5-day TWG write-shop on RAP-WPS

February 27, 2023 at 12:58 am

Integrated Mindanaons Association for Natives (IMAN) Inc. participates in the 4-Day Writeshop of Technical Working Group (TWG) of the Regional Action Plan- Women Peace and Security (RAP-WPS) on February 6-9, 2023 at Crystal hall, Emmanor, Cotabato.

Various representatives from different Local and international NGOs and Ministry Offices and Agencies (MOAs) attended the write-shop, the plan was set to be launched this month of March this year led by the Bangsamoro Women Commission (BWC) and UN Women.

The RAP-WPS that will be created is a 10-Year Plan that is anchored to the NAPWPS created by the national Government that also complies with UN Security Council Resolution 1325.

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Kabataang SGA participated in 2-days Seminar/Workshop on Developing Youth Peace Agenda and Advocacy through Social media

February 21, 2023 at 3:31 am

More than 20 Youths from the Special Geographic Area, BARMM participated in a 2 days Seminar/Workshop on Developing Youth Peace Agenda and Advocacy through Social media aimed at intensifying the advocacy of youth towards peace. The theme of the said activity is “Kabataang SGA: Live to lead, Lead to care, A call to dare” held at Ace Roysle Hotel, Midsayap, Cotabato on February 18-19, 2023.

The 2 days seminar/Workshop revolved around the development of the Youth Peace Agenda of the youth and how they will advocate it through different channels. It can be recalled that the issues gathered were from the Youth Peace Camp that was also conducted by IMAN last year. Divided into four Thematic Areas, Governance, Peace and Security, Socio-Economic, and Environment. Some of the issues that were discussed were the access of the youth to their SK Fund and the strengthening of their participation in Governance or decision Making in their respective barangays. The issue of youth security in Pikit town also came up.

In the message of the Commissioner of the BYC MagCotSGA, Nasserudin Dunding, he urged the youth to intensify their participation in these types of conversations, in this way they can strengthen their advocacies, he also emphasized the access of the youth in their 10% SK Fund that it is already direct in the account of SKs and no longer belong to the BLGU. He also added that MILG and BYC have a program entitled Engaging the SK, Empowering the Youth (ESKEY) program that can be requested by the SK so that they know their roles and responsibilities better. The BYC office also strongly condemns the ongoing killings in the town of Pikit especially since the children are now the victims.

Apart from the BYC Commissioner, there was also the MILG MLGOO of Carmen and Kabacan, Majaramir Y. Sumail, he said, there are policies that need to be strengthened in the barangays, especially those in the SKs, which is important to be included in the transparency Board of Barangays. Aside from MLGOO, the Chief of Staff of Member of Parliament (MP) Mohamad Kelie Antao of the Bangsamoro Transition Authority (BTA), Dr. Alimen Sencil presented various MP programs.
Meanwhile, IMAN Executive Director Dr. Mike P. Alon, said that “IMAN will continue to intensify on the youth sector and how they can become more empowered Bangsamoro youth”.

The Program was conducted as part of the IMAN Inc. Project. that Supporting Core Territory of the Bangsamoro for Peace and Development Project” funded by Miserior and Manos Unidas. This is a 3-year project in 32 Barangays of the Special Geographic Area (SGA)


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November 29, 2022 at 6:23 am

With IMAN’s vision to empower the communities and its mission to help the victims of the calamity, the organization delivered aid in partnership with ????? ??????-????? to the victims of Typhoon Paeng in ???????? ??????? and ???????? ?????? on ???????? ??, ????.

About 1,068 ???????? received Food and Non-Food items (NFI) during the distribution. 780 of them are from Barangay Kusiong, and 288 were distributed to the most vulnerable residents of Barangay Tapian.

The Food items provided are;- Rice-NoodlesWhile NFIs- Slippers- Cauldron- Ladle- 12 pcs. of cup- 6 pcs. of plates- Bucket-Jerry Can- Clothes, Saplings were also given to them so they could plant.

Before the items were distributed, the organization had an Advocacy Campaign on environmental protection that was greatly appreciated by the beneficiaries, said the Principal of Kusiong Elementary School, Ms. Jamella Andong, “??????? ???? ?????? ?? ??? ???????-??????? ?? ???????? ???????? ?? ????, ?? ???? ???? ??????? ?? ????? ???? ??? ??????? ??????? ?? ????, ????? ?? ??????????? ????? ?? ??? ???????? ?? ?????, ??? ???????????? ??? ????. ??????? ?? ?????-?? ????? ?? ???????????? ? ???? ???? ??? ??, ?? ?????? ?? ?????? ?????? ??? ????? ???, ???? ???????? ?????? ?? ??? ???? ?? ??? ??? ????? ?? ???? ???? ????????, ??? ?? ??? ?? ??????????? ?? ?????????? ?? ??? ????”, added the Principal.

The residents were very grateful for the help given to them, and they made sure to plant the trees that were shared to them.IMAN’s intervention was made possible through ???? (???????????? ????????? ???????? ??? ????? ??????????? ?? ??????? ?????) ??????????? P?????? supported by Manos Unidas in Spain.#helpmaguindanao#imaninaction#ManosUnidas

737 Families receive food and Non-Food Items from IMAN Inc.

November 28, 2022 at 4:12 am

A total of 737 families in Barangay Patot, Pigcawayan, SGA received both food, non-food items, and tree seedlings as part of IMAN emergency response to TS Paeng affected communities. Prior to the relief distribution, an orientation on simple ways to help protect the environment was conducted. Native tree seedlings such as Molave, Lawaan, Mahogany, and Red Nato were then distributed along with the food and non-food items and encouraged each family to grow trees. This emergency response to TS Paeng-affected families was made possible through the assistance of the CRS Philippines and Misereor.#IMANinAction#HELPSGAMAGUINDANAO#TSPaengEmergencyResponse#ProtectEnvironmentAndSaveLives#AdoptBackyardTreePlanting

IMAN Inc., and other partners conduct Youth Peace Camp

November 28, 2022 at 3:36 am

???? ?? ??????- ???? ???., ??????, ??? ???????? ?????? ???????? (???) funded and supported by Caritas Norway recently conducted a ????? ????? ???? at ???? ??????, ????????? ????, ???????? on ???????? ??-??, ????. With it’s theme: “??? ?????’? ???? ??????? ?????: ??????? ????????? ??? ??????? ?????????”On the first day, the update on the Peace Process and Normalization Track between the MILF and the GPH was discussed by Erlinda Vila of the Office of the Presidential Adviser on Peace, Reconciliation, and Unity (OPAPRU).They also learned about what conflict and violence are and how the youth can help in today’s time to sustain peace in their respective areas. The different Barangays also had a vision of what they really wanted for their communities over the next five years.In the message of Jazzer Rainiel Malingco, the Local Youth Development Officer of Paglat, they are very grateful and realized the activity with the help of IMAN, CRS, and other partners.The Peace Camp is just one of the activities of the Community and Youth Engagement for Peace Governance in Mindanao Project (CYEPGM) a 3-Year Project of IMAN Inc. whose covered area is Paglat Maguindanao DS, and Pamaas whose covered area is Magpet, Cotabato.#imaninaction#CRSPhilippines#cyepgmproject

Karen Jane Ungar, CRS Country Representative Visits IMAN

February 3, 2022 at 3:45 am

IMAN visits by Catholic Relief Services (CRS) country representative Ms. Karen Jane Ungar together with Ms. Chin Nobleza-CRS Head of Office Davao

The purpose of the visit is to meet and greet with the partner and talk about the implementation of projects under CRS

IMAN thanks CRS for the long time partnership and significant contributions to the growth and development of the organization as well as the communities in need in BARMM.

IMAN is looking forward to sustained the partnership to be able to continue to assist communities in need in Mindanao.


February 3, 2022 at 3:22 am
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Yan ang naging mensahe ni Barangay Chairwoman Fatima Mokamad sa mga sector ng Kababaihan na dumalo sa ????????? ???????? ???????? na ikinonduct ng IMAN sa ???????? ?? ??????? ????? ??????? ??, ????.
Aniya, pasalamat tayo sa IMAN Inc. dahil patuloy pa din ang ginagwa nilang suporta sa atin at hindi nila tayo pinapabayaan.
Samantala labis ding nagpasalamat si Brgy. Chairwoman sa Organisasyon dahil isa daw ang IMAN sa tumulong sa kanila upang masungkit ang mga parangal na kanilang nakuha sa Katatapos lamang na 3rd Year Bangsamoro Foundation Day. Ilan sa mga parangal na Nakuha nito ay ang Seal Good local Governance Award, Search for Model Barangay, at Champion for Lupong Tagapamayapa Incentives Award sa ikalawang pagkakataon.
Dagdag pa ni Chairwoman Mokamad, “Nakatulong sa amin ang pagiging bukas namin sa mga oportunidad na itinutulong sa amin ng ibat ibang Ahensya, Government o Non-Government pa yan, lalong-lalo na kung ito ay para din naman sa tao”. Hinimok naman ni Chairwoman ang kanyang mga Kapwa Barangay Chairman kung kaya nila ay kakayanin din ng iba.
Ang Barangay Tumbras ay isa sa 22 Barangay na sakop ng IMAN Inc. sa mga proyekto nito na pinondahan ng MISERIOR at GCERF.

IMAN-IRW conducts “Community Participatory Disaster Risk Assessment Workshop”

July 17, 2018 at 2:14 am

The Integrated Mindanaons Association for Natives (IMAN), Inc. in partnership with Islamic Relief Worlwide (IRW-Philippines) holds a 3-day Community Participatory Disaster Risk Assessment Workshop on July 10-12, 2018 at Peñafrancia, Andres Alonzo St., Cotabato City.
The 3-day workshop aimed to have have unify understanding about Disaster Risk Reduction and able to identify and assess the degree of disaster risk in the community and draw recommendations.
During the Training Workshop, Sir. Anwar R. Salik- the Municipal Administrator of Kabuntalan, Maguindanao expressed his gratitude and appreciation to the project. According to him, “Because of the workshop offered by the IMAN-IRW our knowledge and perspective about disaster preparedness has expanded, he said. We are also grateful for choosing barangay Butiren, Payan and Katidtuan as your covered barangays, he added.
The 3-day workshop is participated by 2 Municipal Local Government of Kabuntalan, Maguindanao, different barangay officials, IRW Program Officer- Maam Joyce Cea and 6 IMAN staff.

Strategic Planning towards development

October 17, 2017 at 2:20 am

The Integrated Mindanao n’s Association for Natives Incorporated go through a process of Strategic planning in order to determine what the organization want, how it will be achieve and how the success will be measured. The said Activity was conducted on August 25-27, 2017 at 8th Avenue Resort, Kabacan North Cotabato. It was attended by All IMAN staffs and the Board of trustees. Dolores Corro, CRS Project Manager served as the facilitator and resource person of the said activity.
The day to day activities of the organization outside and inside are patterned. Also, the planning provide bigger picture of the organization and had helped in the alignment of the resources of the organization to the areas of most beneficial impact. It had created a common understanding of the goals of the organization which gives clarity about what more the organization want to achieve and plan of action for day to day operations. Moreover, the different issues and challenges encountered by the Project Staffs are identified and possible solution and recommendation was also plan to address them.

1 unit classroom was officially turn-over at Balugo Elementary School

August 15, 2017 at 5:48 am

The Integrated Mindanaons Association for Natives led the turn-over ceremony of 1 unit classroom building at Balugo Elementary School, Sittio Balugo Datu Montawal Maguindanao. The said activity was attended by Country Representative of Terres des Hommes Pilgrim, IMAN Executive Director Mike P. ALon, KFI staffs, IMAN staffs and the teaching forces including the students of Balugo Primary School. Also present in the ceremony was the parents and other stakeholders in the community.
The 1 unit classroom building will be utilized by Grade V and Grade VI pupils of the said school. This is to continually support and strengthen quality education for Bangsamoro children in Mindanao as part of the main goal of the program. PTA President Mohadjar Kalimpo expresses his gratitude to the IMAN, KFI and TDH for the unending support they have given and showered to the Bangsamoro children of Ligawasan Marsh. “Shukran and Alhamdullilah” he exclaimed.
Miss Pilgrim, Terres Des Hommes Representative state her thankfulness for the community in welcoming the project from the beginning and still supporting it at present and in behalf of TDH they will never get tired in helping the vulnerable and marginalized communities in Ligawasan marsh.
One of the main highlight of the ceremony is the ribbon cutting and the formal turnover of the building. The sound of the laughter and the smile on the faces of the community especially of the teachers and the learners are very evident after the ceremony.