1 unit classroom was officially turn-over at Balugo Elementary School

August 15, 2017 at 5:48 am

The Integrated Mindanaons Association for Natives led the turn-over ceremony of 1 unit classroom building at Balugo Elementary School, Sittio Balugo Datu Montawal Maguindanao. The said activity was attended by Country Representative of Terres des Hommes Pilgrim, IMAN Executive Director Mike P. ALon, KFI staffs, IMAN staffs and the teaching forces including the students of Balugo Primary School. Also present in the ceremony was the parents and other stakeholders in the community.
The 1 unit classroom building will be utilized by Grade V and Grade VI pupils of the said school. This is to continually support and strengthen quality education for Bangsamoro children in Mindanao as part of the main goal of the program. PTA President Mohadjar Kalimpo expresses his gratitude to the IMAN, KFI and TDH for the unending support they have given and showered to the Bangsamoro children of Ligawasan Marsh. “Shukran and Alhamdullilah” he exclaimed.
Miss Pilgrim, Terres Des Hommes Representative state her thankfulness for the community in welcoming the project from the beginning and still supporting it at present and in behalf of TDH they will never get tired in helping the vulnerable and marginalized communities in Ligawasan marsh.
One of the main highlight of the ceremony is the ribbon cutting and the formal turnover of the building. The sound of the laughter and the smile on the faces of the community especially of the teachers and the learners are very evident after the ceremony.