January 4, 2017 at 12:19 am

“We don’t learn from doing, we learn from reflecting on what were done”. This quote underline the thought of we don’t learn from experience but we learn from reflecting on our experience. This is the main goal of the quarterly reflection.
The activity highlights the accomplishments of the Community Facilitators in the course of actual Year 2 ADM class project intervention. It also serves as the venue where they identify the issues, problems and challenges encountered where they formulated action plan to address it.
Absenteeism has been the major issue concerning the facilitators. Most of the time, if not absent the students are late because according to them, they are helping their parents for the cause of living.
Home to Home visitation was conducted by the facilitator as one of their major strategy plan in order to address the issue, majority of the Barangays discover that the main cause of their absence is the fact that they have been engaged to working in farm or taking good care of their siblings even at a very young age.
The Facilitators talk to the Parents and convincing them to send their children to school, some also ask for help from the BLGU so that the parents would do so. This plan has been successful so far, but still there are cases of absenteeism but not as many as before.
This activity proves the importance of reflecting on actual process of implementation to be able to identify the treats of success and come up with the necessary adjustments in order to achieve success.