Name of Funders

Project Title Focus


Cordaid-Netherlands Promoting Children’s Welfare & children’s  Rights Education Ongoing
German Embassy Promoting Children’s Welfare and Children’s Rigths to Education through Improving Delivery of Basic Social Services to Children Education Ongoing
Department of Social Welfare and Development (DSWD) Modified Conditional Cash Transfer for Families in Need of Social Protection Education Completed
Catholic Relief Services(CRS) Peace Governance in Mindanao Peace Building Completed
Peace and Reconciliation Peace Building Completed
Terres Des Homme (TDH) Germany Sustaining Access to Pre-school and Primary Education in the Ligawasan Marsh Education Ongoing
Basic & Vocational Education for Children in the Ligawasan Marsh Children ( Early Childhood Care Development) Completed
Sustaining Community based through basic education for better quality of life of the children in Ligawasan Marsh (Phase 2) Children ( Early Childhood Care Development) Completed
Develop Community Based through basic education and livelihood project (Phase 1) Education and livelihood Completed

Dreikonigsaktion Katholischen Jungschar (DKA) Austria

Strengthening the capacities of the communities in promoting peace and environmental protection Peace building, Capability Building, livelihood and environmental protection Ongoing
Strengthening the capacities of the communities in promoting Health Sanitation &                                                Environmental Protection Peace building, Capability Building, Health and sanitation, and Livelihood Completed
Alleviating quality of life through Economic, Basic Education and Skills Development towards Peace. Peace building, Capability Building and Livelihood Completed
Australian Embassy Strengthening Community-Based, Peace-Building and  Inter-Religious Program Inter-Religious Dialogue Completed
Peace Equity Foundation (PEF) TORCH of Rural Community Homes(TORCH) Project – A Pilot Phase Solar Lantern and water system Completed