Reviving old Clothes

July 19, 2017 at 6:30 am

“Clothes, in the end, in our own tradition, are something holy. It’s not about fashion, style and manner. It’s about respect. It’s about honesty. It’s about identity”. But traditional clothes have been overlooked by young generation of today. The changing of Fashion trend from time to time also contributed to the young mind of the children to ignore the clothes our ancestor used to wear.
One of the Respect Workshop, Mindanao History focuses on the clothing of the different tribes in Mindanao. The clothing is as diverse and beautiful as the people living in it. In the generation today, tradition, custom and belief has been neglected and forgotten by our youth.
During the Workshop, the children discover more about the tribal or traditional clothing of the people in Mindanao that they can be most proud of. They expressed their love for our culture and tradition and they make their own version of clothing as inspired by our traditional costumes. The children also made an outfit inspired by the traditional clothing of the different tribes in Mindanao. It does not only build camaraderie among them but it also explores the creativity in them.
It is a tragedy that some people in Mindanao no longer wear their traditional clothing. From small babies to aged grandparents, everyone can now
be seen in the same mundane pair of jeans and t-shirts. It is the current generation of youth that is taking the lead in widening the gap between our traditions and the new fashion trends.
It seems as though the uniqueness of Mindanao has deteriorated as everyone nowadays just wants to be just like everyone else. We believe it is time to show the world that there is no need to put our traditions aside just to be a part of a crowd. Knowing about our culture and wearing our traditional clothing is extremely important. Why should we shy away from wearing these clothes when our traditional costumes are so vibrant and beautiful? Mindanao is filled with fantastic cultures and it is our duty to pay respect to these cultures by feeling proud of our motherlands clothing and patriotically wearing it.