What We Do

  • Peacebuilding

This component includes peace education and advocacy toward transforming mindset and behavior in order to minimize conflicts in the community.

  • Capacity Building

This component includes strengthening individual and organization skills on managing and leading groups and organization


  • Education

This includes promotion of children’s welfare and children’s rights through strengthening parental support to education and improving delivery and access to education.

  • Livelihood and Agricultural Productivity

Livelihood: This component equips women and out-of school youth to contribute to the income of their family. This includes herbal medicine, soap making, bag making, mat weaving, dressmaking, and vocational trainings for the out-of-school youth.

Agriculture: This includes livestock raising and production, nursery establishment, support to farmers and FAITH gardening


  • Water and Sanitation

This component includes promotion of hygienic behaviour and improving access to water and sanitation.

  • Environmental Protection

This component includes advocacies on environment conservation and protection, tree planting, advocacy on biodiversity, eco-waste management and river protection advocacy.


Where we work


IMAN currently operate in the most disadvantage and remote areas of Maguindanao and North Cotabato.


Province of Maguindanao

–       Municipality of Paglat

–       Municipality of Pagalungan

–       Municipality of Datu Montawal

Province of North Cotabato

–       Municipality of Carmen

Municipality of Kabacan